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Brunetti   Lygon Street  Carlton, Victoria 3053   Ph 03 9347 2801

Here are some pics to stimulate your appetite.
The refurbishment of this magnificent establishment is almost complete and
 then we'll bring you the restaurant menu and more delicious pictures.

06720015.jpg 5.0K

06720020.jpg 7.3K

06720019.jpg 4.9K

06720022.jpg 5.1K

06720021.jpg 5.8K

06720016.jpg 6.2K

06720017.jpg 6.6K

06720018.jpg 5.6K

06720009.jpg 8.8K

06720012.jpg 3.5K

06720011.jpg 5.1K

06720014.jpg 4.6K

06720008.jpg 5.9K

06720007.jpg 5.3K

06720013.jpg 3.9K

Click the thumbnail to see the full image.

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